Rifle ‘FMJ’ zone! This focus driven area is a melting pot for all rifle disciplines and you will gain a unique opportunity to check out the vast array of guns from specialist rifle manufacturers along with some of the best custom builders in the country.

Whether you are into Stalking, Target, Tactical, Hunting or Vermin control, this area promises to deliver all the latest rifle technology and expert advice to boot. Key clubs & organisations will be on hand to answer important questions and offer invaluable services. If you’re interested in learning about target shooting, ‘Target Shooter Magazine’ along with the .50 Cal club & UK22 BR are there to answer questions. They can help with advice on what & where to shoot and offer tips on ammunition and reloading.

We will have a great selection of tactical 22’s at the show including Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Colt, CMMG and H&K. These .22 rimfires are copies of military rifles used by the world’s armies and are very popular with ‘Mini Rifle’ competitors. ‘Cowboy Era’ lever action rifles, in calibres such as .38, .357, .44 Mag & .45 Long Colt continue to be popular with those who like their shooting to be a little ‘old school’. Shooters wanting to target shoot at longer ranges use the larger Western calibres, such as 45-70.

Innovative nitro powder percussion revolvers are now being produced and they allow competitors to use revolvers that are more up to date in style and performance. So if you’re interested in this type of firearm then check out Alan Westlake and Merseyside Armoury stands.

‘Straight Pull’ rifles are versions of military semi automatic rifles that have been designed and built to comply with UK firearms legislation and allow shooters to take part in competitions such as Civilian Service Rifle and High Power.

Gallery Rifle shooters will be well catered for at the show, whether they use centre fire pistol calibre carbines, .22 rimfires, Long Barrelled Revolvers (LBRs) or Long Barrelled Pistols (LBPs)

‘Practical Rifle’, ‘Bench Rest’ and ‘F-Class’ shooters will also find rifles to suit their needs, from some of the top custom rifle builders. These high precision rifles allow the owner to place their bullets on target with precision, time after time.

We will also have centrefire ammunition and reloading equipment (plus reloading demonstrations) & supplies from all the big names, including Lee, Lapua, Hornady, Sierra, Remington, Nosler, Alliant, Hodgdon, Berger & Redding etc. Look out for Westlander, ITl Shooting Supplies, John Bradshaw Guns and The Viking Ballistics Lab.

Rifle brands at the show – Anschutz, Bergara, Blaser, Browning, CZ, Howa, Mauser, Marlin, Merkel, Remington, Ruger, Sako, Schmeiser, Sauer, Tikka & Winchester and many more.