Outside Activity Areas

The timing of the Show and it’s location allows for a strong emphasis on outdoor shooting activities. We have every discipline covered from have a go, try before you buy and manufacturer demonstration marquees to competition areas open to everyone, so make sure you get involved!

Manufacturers ‘try before you buy’ Airgun range

Come and try out the latest products and test all comparative models before making that all important decision. Newcomers to the sport can try out numerous types of modern air rifles and pistols in a safe, controlled environment, under expert supervision. Airgun Central in Hall 2 is the next step in the process to take advantage of the many special ‘show only’ offers from our specialist retailers!

Air Arms Experience

‘Air Arms Experience’ gives visitors the opportunity to try out the UK’s leading Target Shooting disciplines such as FT, HFT, Benchrest, Target Sprint, 10-metre Pistol and Precision, which are all supported by the BFTA, UKAHFT, UKBR & British Shooting.

The ‘HFT Masters’ Northern Shooting Show Championship

 HFT Masters competition & have a go was a HUGE success.There was a great turn out with many saying how challenging the course was. Well done Ian Bainbridge & Roger Lait for putting on such an impressive competition. HFT Masters is already confirmed for the next 3 years!

The location set aside for the HFT Masters couldn’t be more fitting. Located in an attractive wooded area with ponds and manicured grassy banking close to the main entrance and leading up to the Manufacturers Airgun Ranges and the indoor ‘Airgun Central’ exhibition hall. Visitors will be able to try their hand at shooting HFT targets on the Saturday, under the supervision of the experts, who will give advice on technique. The competition is on the Sunday and visitors can watch the action take place. There will be marshals on hand to explain the sport, the targets used and the kit the competitors use. This is a great way of introducing this popular shooting sport to a wider audience. Competitors need to register in advance through the HFT Masters Website.

Double Deuce .22 Live Rimfire Range

Whether you’re a lifelong gun enthusiast or a complete novice, you can experience the thrill of semi automatic rimfire rifles across a four lane mobile range.

Get behind the trigger of some of the best black rifles on the market. From Smith and Wesson to CMMG, visit the Double Deuce Range to test them out. The range is fully safety certified by the National Small-bore Rifle Association and the owners work closely with local Police Firearms Departments to warrant safe practice. No experience is necessary and their Range Officers are always on hand to ensure safe operation and demonstrate how to use firearms responsibly.

Clay Shooting Line

One of the key areas of the show that has proved to be incredibly popular is the clayline. With the Crimple Valley Viaduct as a backdrop it’s a beautiful setting to break clays!

NSI Nobel Sport Italia confirmed as clayline sponsor
This year’s clayline will be over 550m long making it one of the longest in Europe. NSI have generously put up 15,000 cartridges to be used on the clayline on the show days. Hazelbank Shooting Ground will be hosting the clayline and offering visitors great hands on opportunity to try & find out more about the full range of cartridges NSI manufacture with them available to purchase on the day.



Example picture of how the clayline will be set out.

Northern 50 Bird Sporting Championship – This will be hosted by Clayshooting magazine shooting ground of the North, Hazelbank Shooting Ground. Enter the competition as many times as you like. Early indications are that this will be a VERY popular competition especially with the prizes on offer. Keep checking for updates!

There will be a 1st & 2nd prize per category, per day. For those that shoot both days (Sat & Sun) there will be an ‘overall’ top prize of a Browning 525 Sporter worth £1500.  Please note you need to have purchased a show ticket to enter the competition.


Sat 11th

Sun 12th


£10 Entry
£8 Re-Entry

1st Prize 500 NSI Cartridges.
2nd Prize 250 NSI Cartridges.

1st Prize 500 NSI Cartridges.
2nd Prize 250 NSI Cartridges.

Special Prize (TBC)

£20 Entry
£18 Re-Entry

1st Prize £100 Plus 500 NSI Cartridges.
2nd Prize £50 Plus 250 NSI Cartridges.

1st Prize £100 Plus 500 NSI Cartridges.
2nd Prize £50 Plus 250 NSI Cartridges.

Browning 525 Sporter RRP £1,500 for highest individual score (men or women)

£20 Entry
£18 Re-Entry

1st Prize £200 Plus 500 NSI Cartridges.
2nd Prize £50 Plus 250 NSI Cartridges.

1st Prize £200 Plus 500 NSI Cartridges.
2nd Prize £50 Plus 250 NSI Cartridges.

Browning 525 Sporter RRP £1,500 for highest individual score (men or women)

Clayline Parking – Plenty of free parking is available close by to the Clayline.


BASC – This year there is a great opportunity to have a bespoke Game Shooting lesson with your own coach. The price is £55 and for one hour and you can book direct with BASC by emailing gareth.dockerty@basc.org.uk. Coaching Lessons take 20 -30 minutes and are one to one with an Accredited BASC Shotgun Coach. The coach will introduce you to shooting in a professional and welcoming manner, covering all aspects of gun safety and handling and they will familiarise you with the important parts of the gun. The lesson will focus on eye dominance, gun fit and stance before moving to the cage for an interactive shooting lesson with as many shots as is necessary to complete the objective of getting you to hit clays. The cost will be £20 for adults and £15 for 16 and under, however BASC members will be entitled to a £5 discount on production of a valid membership card.

The express 10 shots for £10 is less interactive and a lot quicker. It is for those people who just want to try shooting for the first time, but are not so interested in learning in depth about the sport All the same areas are covered, but you will not be with the same coach for the whole experience. Meet and greet will be done by the booking in staff, eye dominance, stance, gun safety and gun fit will be done in groups with a coach in the gun fit area. In the gun fit area the coach will mark up your gun fit card with all the information the coach in the shooting cage needs to complete the lesson. The cost is ten pounds and only available for over 16’s.

In addition it will be possible to undertake the BASC Shotgun Safe Shot Assessment at the show. Safe Shot takes about 20 minutes and costs only £20.

Manufacturers shotgun demo area – Leading manufacturers will be showcasing their latest offerings. This is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on with their latest shotguns and ‘have a go’ before you make that all important purchase from their preferred dealers exhibiting at the show. Current brands to try out are; Benelli, Beretta, Bettinsoli, Blaser, Breda, Browning, Fausti, Franchi, Longthorne, Marocchi, Perazzi & Winchester.

CPSA – If you want to ‘Have a Go’ visit the CPSA stand on the clayline at the show. Anyone, whether they are young, old, experienced or a novice, will be able to turn up and try their hand at clay shooting. For just £10 for 16 and under or £12 for over 16’s, you will get to have a shooting experience with one of our qualified coaches, shooting at 10 clays with all the equipment provided. Our coaches will ensure that you are set up in the correct and safe way, before showing you how to break some clays and leaving you wanting more. To pre-book and avoid the queues, visit the CPSA’s website at www.cpsa.co.uk/nss19

NTSA Steel Plate Challenge – Knock down nine steel plates with nine cartridges with prizes for the fastest amateur and the fastest certificate holder! What a great way to let visitors have a sample of practical shooting ! Plus a BREDA shotgun to the winner courtesy of Viking Arms.

Dryfire – Their simulator software supports all clay pigeon shooting and game shooting disciplines for training and home practice. It allows you to use your own gun to shoot virtual targets in your home or club. Stop by and see it in action and test it out.

Femme Fatales – The ladies will be at the DryFire tent on the Clay Line all weekend and look forward to welcoming as many people as possible, whether they’ve never shot before or are a seasoned shooter There are many activities to try, with plenty of chances to win prizes.

Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain – Visit their stand for demonstrations throughout the day and the opportunity to ‘have a go’ of these classic guns.