Bushcraft is another relevant introduction area to shooting and a great way to get kids outdoors away from computers, it promotes ‘survival and sustainability within nature’.

Experience true bushcraft with our special outdoor bushcraft Area. This area promises to be intergenerational with lots of different activities and demonstrations for everyone of all ages to take part in.

Greenheart Bushcraft will be there giving classes and demonstrations on cleaving traditional ‘green wood’ and working with it to build structures and shelters.

Silverback Bushcraft will be giving demonstrations and teaching skills on friction fire lighting, Emergency fire lighting technique, Game prep in the field, Cordage making & Safe knife use.

Friction Fire Lighting

What many might refer to as ‘rubbing two sticks together’, we will demonstrate the finer points on the use of the fire bow from species choice to developing an effective technique. You’ll also be introduced to a whole family of ancestral fire lighting techniques that require only what nature can provide. Come along and learn more about this most ancient of skills.

Emergency Fire Lighting Techniques

We don’t always have the luxury of time on our side. Sometimes all that counts is the end result! In a survival situation all we are concerned with is lighting that fire, no matter how we do it. Our team will demonstrate a broad range of survival techniques utilising the full range of potential ignition sources.

Game Prep In The Field

Acquiring and processing game is one of the critical skills of any wilderness existence. Learn about the ethics, legalities and practicalities of securing wild game while being shown how to field dress game ready for the pot.

Cordage Making

The art of natural cordage making is one of the most underrated skills of our ancestors. Only when we don’t have any do we really appreciate the versatility and usefulness of a humble piece of string. Join us as we talk you through the basic process of making ply cordage while discussing the numerous applications of various types of traditional cordage from fishing lines and snares to purse nets.

Safe Knife Use and Carving

The knife is the lifeline of the woodsman, the tool of his trade. It also has the potential to cause the user considerable harm if used inappropriately. Our instructors will demonstrate and discuss a broad range of safe and efficient knife techniques to produce a hand crafted wooden spoon.

Pass it on – Young sports will be there offering a taster on all fieldsports including, hunting techniques, shotgun, air rifle safety, conservation of crops, wild food identification, game preparation & a pigeon plucking competition along with wild cooking, arrow making & animal tracking. Other bushcraft retailers selling outdoor products will be there plus more to be added soon.