Airsoft ‘Experience’

Airsoft ‘Experience’ 6,000sq m’s dedicated purely to Airsoft.

There is a big emphasis at the show to ‘have a go’ through interactive areas. Try the latest offerings from Manufacturers on their ‘try before you buy’ ranges and if you like what you try then buy from their preferred dealers. Stirling Airsoft will have a massive CQB demo & ‘have a go’ area demonstrating the latest in military simulation.

Action Air is the fastest growing aspect of practical shooting in the UK, combining the discipline, gun safety, speed and accuracy required for 9mm and .45 handgun shooting with the decreased risks and costs offered by airsoft, plus of course its legal in the UK. We are pleased to announce that the UKPSA along with Mike Cripps at Elite shooting & Northern Practical Pistol Club will be on hand to demonstrate the sport and help anyone who wants to ‘have a go’ on their range.

The Grange & Halo Mill will be holding the ‘Northern Shooting Show Open Match competition’ This 10 stage, Level 1 competition will have a mix of short, medium and long courses of fire, each one designed to test a different aspect of the shooters ability, with each shooter compared by their hit factor (total score divided by time in seconds). This is already looking like it’s going to be a busy attraction! Enter the competition sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment! To book your ticket and entry into the competition go to

Exhibitors so far include – ASG, Airsoft Action, Airsoft Sniper Parts, Badgertac, Elite Shooting, Halo Mill, Nuprol, UKPSA, Stirling Airsoft & The Grange. Many more have verbally confirmed but will be officially added shortly.