Exhibitors A-H


.50 Calibre Shooters Association

FCSA predominantly use bolt action .50 calibre (.50 BMG) target rifles for long distance competitions. They have over 400 members and are one of the fastest growing target shooting clubs in the UK. So if you already shoot target rifle but want to see what you can do at a mile, see them on their stand to find out more details.

Products: Association


A-One Feeds

Established supplier of feeds and supplements for piglets, game and ruminants in the UK.

Products: Feed supplement


AA Decoys

Retailers of vermin control products, including decoys and accessories.

Products: Decoys



A & A Gunsmiths

Specialists in cowboy action guns. New and used guns supplied and also can be prepared in house for competition use.

Products: Cowboy Action gunsmiths

Brands: Uberti, Pietti, Rossi, Marlin, Winchester



AC Guns Ltd

AC Guns is a local business located in Hastings, East Sussex, they are a growing family business at the highest standards.

Products: Airguns, nightvison, clothing




Aimcam is the accumulation from years of research and development by dedicated shooting enthusiasts and professionals from around the world, which has finally developed into the best way to capture video footage of your true line of sight when participating in aiming sports and other activities.

Products: POV camera shooting glasses

Brands: Aimcam



Aim Field Sports

Aim Field Sports provide hunting and shooting accessories for all types of shooting, country and field sports, from tactical drag bags to riflescopes and binoculars.

Products: Scopes


Airgunner/Airgun World

Part of the Archant group of publications, Airgunner/Airgun World have become authorities in airgunning. Both magazines are filled with all the latest articles and editorials by the top gun experts. Feel free to ask any questions you may have to the legendary Terry Doe and all the Airgunner/Airgun World team on their stand.

Products: Publication


Air Arms

Manufacturers of world class air rifles and accessories. Specialists in field target rifles.

Products: Airguns

Brands: Air Arms



Airbourne Comrades Association

Airbourne Comrades Association is a charity to help serve ex Military personnel

Brands: Charity



Airgun Shooter

Airgun Magazine is one the UK’s leading top magazine for all airgunners

Products: Publication



Airsoft Action

Airsoft Action doesn’t just focus on one type of airsoft. It’s a publication that covers all styles equally. With a staff of nearly 40 contributors, each one an airsofter or specialist in their field. Some have military experience, others are involved in the trade and most are regular players at sites up and down the UK.

Products: Airsoft publication



Airsoft Great Britain

Airsoft Great Britain Work hard to grow the sport of Airsoft and demonstrate how diverse the community really is. From your average skirmish day, to milsim, filmsim, weekenders, competition events and combat training and simulation, there’s something for everyone. Their stand will have information for Airsoft businesses and events, and their team will be able to answer your questions on Airsoft.

Products: Organisation


Alan Wood-Knives

Alan Wood has been a professional knife maker since 1985 and makes a wide range of fixed blade knives and a few folders, from small gentlemen’s pieces to large collectors, military styles and working designs for use in the field.

Products: Knives



ActionSportGames UK Ltd

ActionSportGames is a worldwide leader in realistic imitation firearms (RIF). Based in Denmark they are the only manufacturer that produces RIF in Europe and they currently hold the licence for 28 products.

Products: Airsoft, airguns

Brands: CZ, Accuracy International, Dan Wesson, LMT, Armalite, STI, Ashbury, McMillan, Hera, B&T and many others



Alford Smith Tweed

Ladies tweed and outdoor wear.

Products: Ladies tweed



Alpine Country Homes

A family run business based in the Peak District of Derbyshire. We sell a traditional range of gifts and accessories relating to the alpine, game and country setting.

Products: Handmade country themed gifts.



Ammo Drop

UK based Airsofter offering all the top brands in one place.

Products: Airsoft rifs and accessories.

Brands: All top brands carried




Armex is proud to be the wholesaler for many prestigious brands of field sports related equipment in the UK.

Products: Airguns, Optics, sporting cutlery.

Brands: Hammerli, Legends, UX, Walther, Chiappa, Umarex, Colt, Enfield


Askham Bryan College

Askham Bryan College

Askham Bryan College is a specialist land based college based near York. It also has centres in Leeds, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Guisborough, Bradford, Wakefield, Scarborough and Penrith.

Products: Education provider




The ATEO educate, train and promote all aspects of airgun shooting to the public by a small group of highly trained and dedicated airgun instructors.

Products: Training and education for airgun enthusiasts



BA Blades

BA Blades supply premium US knife & sharpener brands.

Products: Knives, knife sharpeners

Brands: Camillus, Cold Steel, KA-BAR, Ontario Knife Company (OKC), Lansky Sharpeners



Bailey’s Shooting

Baileys shooting and country wear, we aim to provide great quality products at the best prices. We are a small family run business and pride ourselves on great customer service. We are now proud suppliers of wildcat moderator components as well as registered sellers of Shooterking , Yukon advanced optics and Pulsar night and thermal vision.

Products: Clothing, Nightvision

Brands: Shooterking, Yukon, Pulsar




The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is a national representative body for sporting shooting with a mission to promote and protect sporting shooting and the well-being of the countryside throughout the United Kingdom.

Products: Association



Bell Target

Bell Target is one of the oldest club and pub sports in the country

Products: Association




What distinguishes Benelli from the competition is the ultra-reliability and quality built into every gun based on superior technology and craftsmanship. Benelli’s Inertia Driven® operating system incorporates total efficiency with complete reliability – best summed up as “Simply Perfect.”

Products: Shotguns

Brands: Benelli




Beretta holds the impressive distinction of being the world’s oldest industrial dynasty. And when you consider the wealth of knowledge and experience that has been handed down through 15 generations of gunmakers, over five centuries, it is little wonder that they produce some of the world’s best shotguns.

Products: Shotguns

Brands: Beretta


best deer call

Best Deer Call

Best Deer Call supply you only the best in deer stalking products

Products: Deer Call Retailer



Best Fox Call

Specialising purely in the best fox calls in the market and selling world wide. “if they don’t use it – they won’t sell it”.

Products: Fox Calls

Brands: Best Fox Call, Faulhaber, WAM, ICOtec



BH Targets

Manufactures & suppliers of AR500/Hardox500 steel shooting targets. BH Targets is a family run business, with customer satisfaction being our number one priority.

Products: Steel targets

Brands: BH targets



Blade Tech

One of the UK’s best known manufacturers of British made sharpening systems.

Products: Knife sharpeners

Brands: Blade Tech




The official UK distributor for Blaser, Mauser and Sauer hunting rifles and shotguns, and also Minox optics.

Products: Shotguns, rifles & optics

Brands: Blaser, Mauser, Sauer, Minox



Blue Mountain Forge

Blue Mountain Forge sell a range of custom made field cutlery for people who are into hunting, camping, bushcraft and all kinds of field sports – including hunting knives, bushcraft knives, bowie knives, folding knives, camp knives and choppers, hatchets, axes, machetes.

Products: Custom made cutlery


Bolt Open Classics

Wide Selection of muzzle loaders including Ruger old army revolvers, rifles, shotguns, re-enactment specials and manufacturers of bronze cannons.

Products: Used military, classic, sporting, muzzle loading rifles & pistols

Brands: Enfield, Mauser, Springfield, Mosin-Nagant, Pedersoli, Uberti



Bradford Pistol & Rifle Club

The Bradford Pistol & Rifle Club was formed in 1932. In 1980 a modern purpose built range was opened. There are indoor 10 metre and 25 yard heated ranges plus a spacious club room and licenced bar. They shoot small bore rifles, black powder, air pistols and air rifles.

Products: Club

British Shooting

British Shooting

Target Sprint is an internationally recognised air rifle discipline that combines running with target shooting. Competitors run 3x 400m , interspersed with standing air rifle shooting at knockdown targets. For more information about Target Sprint, please visit the British Shooting website.

Products: Organisation, competition


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Brocock has been a significant player in the UK airgun market for over a quarter of a century, first for their Air Cartridge System (ACS) pistols and later for their PCP air rifles.

Products: Airguns




Their shotguns are acknowledged as the best engineered guns in the world at any price, and is the brand of choice for many professionals and world champions! Product range consists of, Over/Under shotguns, Semi-Auto Shotguns, Centrefire Rifles, Safes, Clothing & Outdoor Products plus more.

Products: Shotguns, Rifles, Clothing & Outdoor

Brands: Browning, Miroku, Winchester



British Western Shooting Society

The British Western Shooting Society, preserves and promotes Cowboy Action Shooting in Great Britain. The shortest way to the wild west without owning a time machine.

Products: Association


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Browning Outfitters

Browning outfitters bringing you the latest in Browning products & specialist clothing inc, gun slips, bags, eyewear, shooting jackets, skeet vests plus more…

Products: Browning products & clothing


Brown Trout & Co

Suppliers of the very best sporting equipment and clothing including used English & continental shotguns & rifles.

Products: Shotguns, rifles, clothing



BSA Guns

BSA Airguns are the result of over 150 years of English gunsmithing success coupled with the very latest in precision manufacturing.

Products: Airguns

Brands: BSA, Gamo


Bullet With Your Name On

Have a personalised gift engraved on site with your words and the calibre of your choice.

Products: Personalised bullet engraving


Burg Wachter

Burg Wachter

BURG-WÄCHTER offer a large and comprehensive range of gun safes for the
hobbyist to those with a larger gun collections. Burg’s certified gun cabinets
ensure arms storage meets strict government guidelines.

Products: Safes, Gun Safes


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BushWear is The UKs Most Popular Stalking Clothing, Footwear & Equipment Shop. All Major Brands In Stock.

Products: Hunting & stalking gear.



By Sword & Musket

By Sword & Musket specialise in sourcing and selling fine quality collectable arms and armour. They can also supply modern range and gallery weapons and offer a restoration and free valuation service.

Products: Collectable arms & armour, restoration, valuations



C & R Testing

Established for more than 12 years engaged in electrical installations and servicing, compressor maintenance, installation, air purity testing, cylinder testing and oxygen cleaning.  We are distributors for Alkin and Aykonm compressors in the Uk.

Products: Airgun cylinders



Caledonian Classic Arms

Caledonian Classic Arms with a wide range of firearms and accessories are dedicated to satisfying their customers.

Products: Rifles, optics, accessories

Brands: Vortex, CSA


NSS-Exhibitor-Cannae Pro Gear

Cannae Pro Gear

Manufacturers of high quality tactical apparel. The Cannae Brand of Professional Gear embodies not just this victory, but also the combination of Preparation, Intelligence, Strength and Bravery.

Products: Tactical clothing, apparel, packs & bags


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Champion Gun Cleaning

Champion Gun Cleaning Products & Solutions is the result of working in partnership with top sportsmen and Zerust® UK to develop and make available industry leading innovative products to help you clean, maintain and prepare your guns for optimum performance – whether that be out in the field or sat in the gun cabinet – rest assured it will be left in top notch condition.

Products: Gun cleaning products

Brands: Champion


NSS-Exhibitor-Charles Wall Country Clothing

Charles Wall Country Clothing

Launched in 2011, Charles Wall Coiuntry Clothing is now one of the UK’s leading online retailers of quality town and country clothing with an empasis on traditional garments made to a very high standard. We manufacture many of our products ourselves and design our own tweeds

Products: Tweed clothing

Brands: Charles Wall, Ratcatcher



Cheddite Cartridges

Founded in 1901,Cheddite is a top end manufacturer of cartridges.

Products: Shotgun cartridges



Cheshire Gun

Leading shooting sports retailer located in Stockport and Bolton, North West of England. Selling everything shooting related.

Products: New & Used Shotguns, Air Guns, Rifles & Shooting Accessories



Chris Grant Trading

Products: Multi tools, knives, sharpeners


Clay & Game

Clay & Game provide the shooter with all the components to produce their own shotgun cartridges at lower costs and higher performance. They also supply MEC clay target machines.

Products: Shotgun cartridge reloading supplies and claytraps

Brands: MEC, Vectan, Maxin, Alliant, Hodgdon, Noblesport, Lovex



Cleveland Firearms Department

Cleveland Firearms  Department will be there to answer any questions regarding firearms law.

Products: Firearms department


Cluny Guns & Optics

Cluny Clothing Store is one of Scotlands leading retailers of rifles, shotguns, premium optics, shooting accessories and clothing.

Products: Rifles, optics, shooting accessories

Brands: Blaser, Mauser, Merkel, Sauer, Zeiss, Swarovski, Leica



Collins Nets Ltd

Collins Nets is a family owned company. Specialising in the manufacture and supply of nets for game rearing & fisheries, they pride themselves on their high quality and fast delivery.

Products: Nets



Coral Rose

A self confessed ‘Townie’ Coral Rose’s transition to sporting and wildlife art was not an obvious one. After moving to Yorkshire four years ago she has fallen in love. Coral is providing some of the best artwork for any countryside fan.

Products: Art




The CPSA is the national governing body for clay target shooting in England. CPSA manage the sport of clay target shooting for approximately 25,000 members and the 400 clubs and grounds affiliated or associated with them.

Products: Association




Family run local business producing exquisite hand-crafted products. creating the finest field sports accessories and luggage. All produced under one roof in Malton.

Products: Field sport accessories & Luggage

Brands: Croots




CSW represents a growing number of quality brands and products within the shooting market.

Products: Rifles, rails, muzzle brakes, bolt handles, bipods & hearing protection

Brands: Titan, Steinert, TG moderators, Energy Hunting, Hear Defenders


NSS-Exhibitor-Custom Fit Guards

Custom Fit Guards

Custom Fit Guards specialise in manufacturing custom ear plugs and industrial custom hearing protection using the latest noise filtering technology

Products: Custom ear plugs



Custom Knife

Custom Knife buy & sell knives from makers such as Alan wood, Paul Mason, Ben Orford, Guy Stainthorp, Geoff Hague and many more.

Products: Knives



Dave Carrie Shooting

Field sports films, tips, and content from favourite British clay and game shot Dave Carrie. High bird shooting videos. Clay shooting videos. How to shoot high birds.

Products: Shooting coaching



Davidson Leather

Every leather pouch, sap, belt and sling is made in the uk by me, as the logo says DL Made in England.

Products: Leather pouch, belt and sling.




World champions, professional vermin controllers, and airgun experts right around the world use Daystate airguns.

Products: Airguns

Brands: Daystate



D B Guns

D B Guns are your one stop shop for all your shooting needs.
Retailers of shotguns, cartridges and clays

Products: Rifles, ammo, air rifles country clothing and more.



Dedito Outdoor Clothing

Based in rural North Yorkshire, we now offer handmade outdoor boots, wellingtons and tailored shirts, all for both men and women.  All our outdoor boots, wellingtons and shirts are handmade in Italy.

Products: Outdoor boots, wellingtons & tailored shirts for men & women.



Deer, Game and Vermin Management

Specialist company dealing with the management of deer, game and vermin in the Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk areas.

Products: Deer management service

Brands: Deer, Game and Vermin Management


desert tech

Desert Tech

Desert Tech was created to provide the most compact, accurate, and reliable precision weapon systems in the world. Desert Tech strongly supports civil rights.

Products: Rifle builder, scopes & rifle accessories

Brands: Desert Tech


NSS-Exhibitor-Devon Custom Rifles

Devon Custom Rifles

Devon Custom Rifles manufacture custom built target rifles, stalking rifles, tactical rifles and practical rifles. These are configured to order, based on the Remington standard footprint

Products: Custom rifle builder

Brands: Devon Custom Rifle



DH Taxidermy

Dave Hornbrook is a specialist accredited member of the Guild of Taxidermists, as you would expect all work is carried out to the highest professional standards, using the latest equipment and materials.

Products: Taxidermy



Disability Shooting GB

TDSGB is responsible for both the grass roots development of the sport as well as for training and selecting shooters to represent Great Britain at the Paralympic Games and other International competitions.

Products Association



Discovery Rifle Scopes

Discovery optics offer a large range of rifle scopes offering excellent quality and value. All products come with a lifetime warranty. A range of accessories include Anti-cant bubble levels and scope-phone adapters.

Products Rifle scopes, mounts and accessories

Brands Discovery



DNA Leisure LTD

DNA Leisure LTD is a leading outdoor online retailer for sporting products designed to supply you with the best and most competitively priced kit available.

Products Outdoor, Hunting and Bushcraft knives



Double Deuce Ltd

Double Deuce Firing Range is a mobile 4 lane .22 rimfire range – open to everyone to have a go.

Products: .22 LIVE rimfire range



DPT Sound Moderators

DPT are manufacturers of moderators who focus on quality, both in their products and their relationship with customers. Linked with over 100 retailers.

Products: Sound moderators

Brands: DPT


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Durham Firearms Licensing Department

The department’s main function is to administer the Firearms Acts 1968-1997 as amended, and the Explosives Regulations 2014.

Products: Firearms Licensing



D V Townend

DV Towned started business in 1982 by selling a very limited range of traditional outdoor clothing at local shows and outlets. Now covering ranges from Barbour, Aigle, Chysalis, Magee & many more.

Products: Clothing.

Brands: Barbour, Aigle, Chysalis, Magee & more.



East Midlands Regional Range

EMRR Shop is one of the biggest target rifle suppliers in the UK specialising in small bore target rifle, light weight sports rifle, long range full bore shooting, accessories and ammunition.

Products: Target rifles, air rifles, pistols, target rifle jackets, lightweight sports rifles, stocks and rifles, accessories and equipment

Brands: UK Distributor for Archangel Stocks, Cadex Defence, CMMG, Promag, Hammerli, Walther Sporting, Anschutz, Kurt Thune, Gehmann, AHG, H&K, Sig



Edinburgh Outdoor Clothing

Family operated business specialising in outdoor clothing wear.

Products: Outdoor hunting, camo clothing, tweeds

Brands: Percussian, Ness of Scotland & more



Eley Hawk Ltd

Eley Hawk have been at the forefront of cartridge manufacturing and innovation since 1828 and manufacture some of the best cartridges available.

Products: Cartridges

Brands: Eley



Elite Shooting Centre

Elite Shooting Centre is the creation of Mike Cripps. Mike has been shooting pistols for over 30 years at the highest level all over the world, but since the ban of FAC pistols in 1997, he has found that shooting practical pistol with a blowback airsoft pistol is as close to the real thing. ESC has two ranges set up for CQB, and practical pistol (IPSC), they also run airgun evenings and junior and family nights. They also have a retail shop where they concentrate on custom pistols, AEG’s, tactical gear and comsumerables.

Products: Airsoft pistol & airgun range, Custom pistols, AEG’s, tactical gear, comsumerables

Brands: Elite Custom, Tokyo Marui


Emtec Labs

Emtec Laboratories

The Emtec NoiseBreaker is a personal moulded ear plug with a silicon rubber moulding which is tailor made to an individuals concha bowl and ear canal providing full comfort.

Products: NoiseBreaker

Brands: Emtec


Enforcer Decoys

Enforcer Decoys

Enforcer Hunting Products are a unique brand that produce highly realistic pigeon decoys. Their team has over 28 years of shooting experience in all types of shooting so you know that they know what they are talking about.

Products: Decoy pigeons

Brands: Enforcer



Entwistle Guns

Entwistle Guns are the UK distributors for Yildiz shotguns and also offer humane slaughter equipment and the new Curtainmesh camouflage netting.

Products: Shotguns, humane slaughter equipment, shooting accessories

Brands: Yildiz, Curtainmesh


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Eric Spencer

Local specialists in mens & ladies country top end attire & tweed.

Products: Country clothing and tweed



Ernest Wilson Sticks

Ernest is a local stick maker that learnt his craft on a BASC stick making course 25 years ago and has been doing it ever since. He will be at the show demonstrating the art of stick making and to answer questions as well.

Products: Stick maker


European Cartridge Research Association

Started from a small group of passionate about the study & research of historic and technical development of ammunition, in a relatively short space of time ECRA has become grown into a worldwide organisation. They also assist official bodies in matters relating to ammunition & ballistics.

Products: Association



Eurostitch Ltd

Eurostitch is one of the few remaining textile manufacturers in England. Working with animals, they make a mix of all sizes, shapes and styles of bedding imaginable. They will be at the show with their quality range of dog beds.

Products: Animal beds


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Fausti UK

Fausti UK has been set up to give the UK, existing clientele and new clients a service to support with any enquiries. As the clients are growing in numbers in the UK Fausti want to give there clients the best service possible and by having Fausti UK will help achieve a excellent service.

Products: Italian Shotguns



Femme Fatales

Nationwide team of hard working ladies with a shared passion for clay shooting. Wanting to share that passion with like-minded women, ones that are driven, ambitious and independent – women that have a love for fashion, partying, high heals and lipstick, but also like the smell of gun oil and aren’t afraid to get their boots muddy.

Products: Shooting Club



Figure 14 Limited

Figure 14 are experts in ultra long range precision rifles and equipment, specialising in EDM and THOR rifle brands, from 338 Lapua up to 50 calibre.

Products: Custom rifle makers

Brands: THOR, EDM arms, McRee’s Precision



Fin & Game

Fin and Game is a specialist fishing, shooting and country clothing store based in Kelso, Scottish Borders, on the banks of the River Tweed.

Products: Full country & field clothing



Firearms UK

Firearms UK is an association campaigning for the protection of firearms ownership within the UK. Primary objectives are to encourage unity and positive action within the shooting community and to promote and defend individual firearms ownership and the shooting sports.

Products: Association



First & Only

Have the best and most varied combat sites and locations throughout the UK. From dense woodland and built up army bases to exciting urban locations and even a nuclear bunker. If you want to treat your mates to an incredible stag do, tackle a trial life zombie encounter or simply experience the ultimate in realistic military gaming – they’ve got what you need.

Products: Experience



Fisher Game Larders

Founded in January 2007 by Jonathan Fisher. Then called Fisher Engineering Ltd, the company made solid growth on the back of contracts with the Forestry Commission, Ministry of Defence and The National Trust, as well as individual estates.

Products: Association


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Flint & Flame

Flint & Flame are famous for their Rhineland Knives forged from the highest quality German carbon steel, they will be in our deer focus area with their latest hunting knife made in collaboration with Mike Robinson..

Products: Knives


Forktruck Solutions Ltd

Dealers of all Polaris® side-by-side vehicles and ATVs, parts and accessories. Unlike any other Polaris® dealer, they also offer vehicles and equipment for hire.

Products: ATVs, side-by-side vehicles

Brands: Polaris


NSS-Exhibitor-Form Rifle Stocks

Form Rifle Stocks

Designer & manufacturer of multi-disciplined aftermarket stocks

Products: Rifle stocks


Fortis Clothing

Fortis Clothing is a small family run manufacturers of specialist endurance clothing with a fantastic product who are very popular on the show circuit.

Products: Specialist Outdoor Clothing




A small family firm that specialises in the small scale production of English fruit liqueurs with interest in fruits such as plum, raspberry, blackcurrant and traditional wild fruits like sloe and damson. We use gin as the base for our drinks.

Products: Gin & liqueur manufacturer



Fox Firearms

Suppliers of all top-end scopes at best prices, and importers of very good value budget and mid-range optics directly from Chinese and Japanese manufacturers. Fox imports custom bullets, specialist kit for ammunition loaders and precision competitors in addition to supplying all shooting products on the UK market.

Products: Rifles, barrels, optics, ammunition, bipods, rests, accessories

Brands: Fox, Cooper, Kelbly’s, Keppeler, HBC, JLK, Harrell’s, K&M, Edgewood, Hawkeye, Mystic




In 1868, Franchi began manufacturing firearms in Brescia, Italy. The city was part of that nation’s industrial heartland. In those days, gunmakers’ guilds isolated themselves to keep their metalworking techniques secret. Thus began our well-established tradition of craftsmanship.

Products: Shotguns

Brands: Franchi


Fubar Bundy

Fubar Bundy

Fubar Bundy based in Leeds is one of the region’s leading airsoft suppliers. They are a retailer for Airsofters, run by Airsofters. Proud members of UKARA.

Products: Airsoft




G & T Hunting

New & used air rifles, pistols, archery, crossbows, slingshots, outdoor clothing, boots and accessories.

Products: Air rifles, shooting accessories & clothing

Brands: Air Arms, Brocock, BSA, Daystate, Walther, Umarex


Game & Flames

Game & Flames

Fresh ideas and exciting concepts bring Game and Flames to the forefront of outdoor cooking experiences. Workshops or private catering. We are here!

Products: Wild catering, bushcraft




Gamekeep is currently used by over 1000 keepers and shooting syndicates in the UK. Made from 100% natural ingredients, this totally natural game feed supplement keeps pheasants at feeders and coming back for more.

Products: Game feed

Brands: Gamekeep



Gamekeepers Welfare Trust

The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust exists to support gamekeepers, stalkers and ghillies, and their dependants past and present.

Products: Association




GAMO has over 50 years of history as a manufacturer of bullets, rifles and BB guns..

Products: Air Pistols and Air Guns



Geoff Troth

Retailer of a wide range of useable knives at all budgets.

Products: Knives


Gilsan Sports Ltd

One of the North’s leading dealers of new and used guns, who are also major stockists of country, sporting and outdoor clothing.

Products: New & used shotguns, rifles, airguns, clothing and shooting accessories

Brands: Beretta, Browning, Caesar Guerini, Fabarm, Hatsan Arms, Winchester


NSS-Exhibitor-Giles Marriott

Giles Marriott

Fine Modern and Antique English Guns. We offer a wide and prestigious selection of modern English and other sporting shotguns, rifles and antiques. Worldwide secure shipping

Products: New & used English continental shotguns




The UK’s leading shooting sports distributor. Est in 1971, GMK is the leading UK importer & distributor of shotguns, rifles ammunition & accessories for sports shooting, as well as supplying firearms, ammunition & accessories to UK law enforcement and the MOD.

Products: Shotguns, rifles, air rifle, optics, ammunition, accessories

Brands: Beretta, Benelli, Franchi, Sako, Tikka, Stoeger, Burris, Steiner, Federal, CCI, Lokaway


Golra Tools

Golra Tools

Golra Tools is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality woodcarving knives & tools.

Products: Hunting & wood knives & tools

Brands: Golra



Green Heart Bushcraft

Education through environmental projects and traditional woodland crafts & bushcraft supporting princi-ples of outdoor hands on learning.

Products: Bushcraft



Gun Mart

GunMart is the largest and most comprehensive sports shooting and general gun magazine in the UK. Offering more independent gun reviews than any other comparable publication.

Products: Publication



Gwatkins Cider

Small, family run business, based at Moorhampton Park Farm in Abbey Dore, Herefordshire. As well as keeping livestock they also own apple and pear orchards that supply the fruit needed to make cider and perry. Set in the rolling hills of the Golden Valley, their farm shop stocks a range of 35 ciders and perries, along with a selection of local beers.

Products: Cider




The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust is a British charitable organisation promoting game and wildlife management as an essential part of nature conservation to enhance the British countryside for public benefit.

Products: Association


Hadrians Game Birds

Hadrian Game Birds

Hadrian’s Game Birds supply live pheasants, partridges and duck for sporting shooting estates, farms, syndicates and other sporting shooting outfitters.

Products: Game food catering




Hawke Optics was established in the United Kingdom over 15 years ago, designing and manufacturing an extensive range of high quality, value for money sporting optics, from rifle, crossbow and airgun scopes to binoculars, spotting scopes and accessories such as laser range finders, red dot sights, sunshades and mounts. Today Hawke is a worldwide market leader with a head office in Suffolk, UK and presence in over 60 countries, including offices in the USA. Hawke has proven its staying power, becoming a real force in sporting optics worldwide.

Products: Optics, lights, lamping, battery packs

Brands: Hawke



Hazelbank Shooting Ground

Hazelbank is a friendly clay shooting ground in N.Yorkshire close to Knaresborough. Clay Shooting Magazine awarded it ‘runner up’ best shooting ground in the North East in 2015.

Products: Shooting ground




Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association encourage the preservation of breechloading firearms and ammunition. They study all aspects of the subject, from the aesthetics of sporting guns and the engraver’s art to the functional aspects of firearms used by the soldier, target shooter and the sporting shooter.

Products: Association


NSS-Exhibitor-Holts Auctioneers

Holts Auctioneers

Holt’s are Europe’s leading Auctioneers of Fine Modern & Antique Guns, they hold 4 auctions a year in the heart of London.

Products: Auctioneer


house of cheviot

House of Cheviot

luxury mens and ladies merino wool and cashmere socks online for all occasions; shooting, walking, weddings, fashion, golf and more.

Products: Shooting socks



HFT Masters

HFT Masters – Have a go & learn more about this dynamic sport on the Saturday and then on Sunday take part in the competition for big prizes.

Products: Activity


Hull Cartridge

Hull Cartridge

Hull Cartridge supply Weihrauch products & manufacture ammunition. They started in 1947 and claim to be the best most consistent shotgun cartridge seller in the market today. Hull Cartridge use only the highest quality grade of components that are exclusively engineered.

Products: Shotgun cartridges, Weihrauch airguns



Humberside Firearms Department

Humberside Firearms Department will be there to answer any questions regarding firearms law.

Products: Firearms department



Huntmag EU

Huntmag.eu is aimed to be Europe’s leading online shooting and hunting portal. It was launched in 2016 and since then it targeted hunting, shooting, falconry, and the gun dog world’s. The main focus of the portal is to share different experiences from Northern Europe to the Mediterranian, also focusing mainly on reviews & latest news form the leading manufacturers from the respected trades.

Products: Online hunting magazine