Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

The organiser, Northern Events Ltd., will issue an invoice to the exhibitor for the use of space at the Northern Shooting Show, 7th & 8th May 2022.

The times for the show will be in the exhibitor information packs sent out by the organiser. These times and dates may change at the sole discretion of the organiser.

The exhibitor will be licenced to occupy the amount of space defined on the invoice but the occupier reserves the right to amend/change the location of the space at their sole discretion.

The exhibitor shall advise the organiser no later than 01/4/2022 in writing of the proposed layout of their space and requirement in respect of shell scheme, carpeting, electrics, tables, chairs and any other items not already agreed or invoiced and the exhibitor shall pay the new invoice without delay.

If the exhibitor wishes to cancel at any time the full invoice amount will be due and payable to the organiser.

The organiser reserves the right to refuse any exhibitor the right to occupy any space and reserves the right to remove any exhibitor from the show site at anytime and the organiser will not be required to refund any money to the exhibitor or compensate the exhibitor in any way.

The exhibitor will only be allowed to exhibit the items agreed in advance with the organiser and may not assign, sublet, lend and/or share any space with any other company or individual without the prior written consent of the organiser.

Exhibitors are not allowed to sell and/or give away food, drink, tobacco products without the prior written consent of the organiser.

All products, exhibits, advertising material, fittings, furnishings, vehicle(s) and/or any other item bought onto the show site by the exhibitor, staff, contractor, agent or other, shall be at the sole risk of the exhibitor and the organiser shall have no liability in any way.